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Exalt is a systems-driven consultancy with ​expertise in promoting inclusion. We implement ​strategic plans that align research with programs ​and practices to elevate the well-being of infants, ​children, and individuals with special health-care ​needs.

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Strengths & Needs

Exalt will ensure continuous ​quality improvement by ​identifying community ​strengths and gaps, and then ​designing a strategy with ​measurable outcomes.



Inform practices, programs, and policies by centering existing and future data collection and interpretation.

Strengthening Capacity

Allow Exalt to bolster knowledge and skills by designing curricula for a Global audience. Exalt will deliver in-person, live online, or self-paced learning and development activities for communities and the workforce.



Measure organizational impact when you allow Exalt to create compelling messaging, identify priority audiences, and target effective communication channels.

Enhancing Partnerships

Increase revenue and reach when Exalt conducts partnership mapping, provides engagement strategies and informs priorities. This creates success metrics for grant and funding reports.



Authentically engage research participants by leveraging Exalt’s expertise in language development, learning strategies, and Institutional Review Board (IRB) protocols.

Let Exalt Implementation Institute provide the expert knowledge and advice your organization deserves.

Exalt is community-driven, data-informed

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With over 24 years promoting ​the well-being of infants, ​children, and individuals with ​special health- care needs by ​integrating inclusive practices ​Exalt offers solutions that ​strengthen existing systems.

Exalt lends unique expertise

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Exalt leverages clinical expertise, ​paired with best-practice ​approaches in community-​centered programming and ​research to deliver intentionally d​esigned implementation plans.

Exalt boosts


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As the name says, our goal is to "exalt" the work that you are doing so that you can achieve the greatest outcomes efficiently and effectively. Let us assist you with the technical skills to enhance your reach.


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